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  • About Top-Shelf

    TOP-SHELF Cultivation Is A California Based Company That Takes Pride In Growing The Best Indoor Cannabis. With Over 20 Years Of Experience, Our Knowledgable Team Knows What It Takes To Operate A Commercial Grow. We Started In Northern California, Where Everything Was A Little Bit More Weed Friendly. Most People Were Growing Outdoors, Under The Sun, Or In Greenhouses. We Decided To Grow Inside For Multiple Reasons. Indoor Quality Is Unmatched, And We Could Get More Harvests In Per Year. From There We Have Perfected Our Methods & Now Cultivate Some Of The Highest Tested Cannabis In The Industry. Most Of Our Genetics Come From Seed, In Which Breeders Create Their Own Strain & We Take It To Its Full Potential. A Whole New Meaning Of Seed To Sale. There Is One Strain, We Like To Call TOP-SHELF OG, That Has Been With Us Since Day One. A Few Other Strains Were Gifted To Us That Were Worth Keeping. But, Most Of Our Genetics Were Bred By The Best And Selected By Us. Our Top Strains Include Whoa-Si-Whoa, Garanimals, Junior Mints, Samoas, LemonHeads, Sweeties, Meadowood, Purple Punch, Gorilla Glue, Thin Mints, Candyland, 2 Different OG’s & Many More. We Are Always On The Hunt For New Strains & Ways To Improve Our Techniques In Cultivating Cannabis.

  • Our Products

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    3.5 grams of the highest quality cannabis in the state, consistently testing over 30% THC

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    1.0 gram of the highest quality cannabis in the state, consistently testing over 30% THC, rolled to perfection.

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    1.0 gram of the highest quality extracts in the state.

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