• Greenstone Inc.

    Greenstone is located in a 22,000 square foot facility just 15 minutes east of LAX and 15 minutes south of Downtown Los Angeles. Our facility is designed as a think tank with a team of experts in design, marketing, manufacturing, and distribution of cannabis products. We are a distribution at our core but our vertical license status, we are positioned for much more. If you are a cultivator, manufacturer, brand or retailer we invite you to come and see how Greenstone can help.

  • Greenstone Distribution

    From the gold rush to the green rush California is where it happens and cannabis is no exception. Greenstone is focused on seamless distribution services from North to South. We have long-standing relationships from Humboldt to the San Diego border which means we have coverage and our team of sales and transport staff is second to none in the space. As the distributor we are the bridge relationship between the Retailer and Vendor and it is our goal to see both win. We understand the challenges of all parties and are experts in finding the right partners to bring together. Come and see why Greenstone represents some of the best brands and retailers in the state choose us.

  • Greenstone Manufacturing

    Manufacturing is a powerful component of Greenstone uniquely positioned to help our clients. With experience in distribution and creative development, we are able to drive sales but also source, develop and create products on others behalf. We have the equipment, raw material, knowledge, and a highly diversified team ready to execute. We are able to engage in product development, formulation, white label, toll processing and more. With the dynamic California market maturing at lightning speed, our distribution roots provide us the insight to stay ahead of the trends and changes in the market. This coupled with the understanding of what it takes to be a "brand" makes us a force in the market and a true one-stop for your cannabis needs.