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  • Honeydew Farms

    High quality, 100% organic, sustainably grown cannabis from Humboldt County. Honeydew is the largest family-run farm in the state and the first fully-licensed farm in Humboldt.

    🏆 6 time High Times Cannabis Cup winners for best sun-grown flower. 🏆

  • Honeydew Farms

    High quality, 100% organic, sustainably grown cannabis from Humboldt County. Honeydew is the largest family run farm in the state, and the first fully-licensed farm in Humboldt.

    🏆 Venom OG voted #1 for best sun-grown flower at High Times Cannabis Cup 🏆

    Honeydew Eighth Jar

    Honeydew Mylar

    Honeydew Gram Jar

    Honeydew Pre-Roll 7 Pack

    Honeydew Littles

  • Top-Shelf Cultivation

    Multiple Cannabis Cup winning strains. 20+ years of cultivation experience. Strictly the best.

    Top-Shelf Glass Jar



    Top-Shelf Flower Pre-Roll

  • Chong's Choice Cannabis

    We source the finest, locally grown cannabis available for each strain. Hand picked and lab certified, Chong’s Choice represents the absolute highest quality product that is available on the market.

    Chong's Choice Premium

    1/8th Jar - $23 Each

    $368 per case (16 Units)

    Chong's Choice Select

    Chong's Choice

    Kief Infused Pre-Roll


    $7 Each

    Chong's Choice

    Flower Only Pre-Roll


    $5 Each

  • Bubonic

    Bubonic is Greenstone’s in-house, ultra-premium cannabis brand. No games, only fire strains.

    Bubonic Private Reserve

    Bubonic Black

    Bubonic White




  • Bubonic

    Premium cannabis lifestyle brand

  • Higgs

    Comes in a sleek, durable, pocket sized carton, with branded matchbook and exit bag. 6/pk - 3.5g total

    Higgs Black


    Higgs Grey


    Higgs White


  • Pride Wellness

    Pride Wellness was founded by two transmen, Buck Angel and Leon Mostovoy. The company was created to promote natural alternatives to prescribed narcotics, as well as supporting general community health and well-being. With these issues in mind, we have developed a line of products to share with our community. Pride Wellness products are designed to help people struggling with mood, anxiety, and sleep difficulties, addiction, HIV/AIDS, and other chronic illnesses and pain conditions, as well as those who just want to kick back, relax and enjoy! One for you, and one for our elders in the LGBT community. One US dollar from each product sold will go to the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Senior Services Department.

    1.2 Gram
    Flower Pre Roll

    Indulge (Indica)

    Ignite (Sativa)

    Inspire (Hybrid)

    1.25 Gram

    Concentrated Pre-Roll

    Indulge (Indica)

    Ignite (Sativa)

    Inspire (Hybrid)

    Select Glass Jars

    Premium Glass Jars

  • Pops

    Clean, affordable cannabis. For everyone.

    .75 Gram


    Eighth Mylar

    1/4 OZ Mylar

    Half OZ Mylar

    1 OZ Mylar

  • Native Humboldt Farms

    Find a natural path to Wellness

    Bath Soak

    Face & Body Oil


    Relief Balm

  • Rickett "Jolie Fleur" Blanc & Pink champagne is the elegant alternative for all special occasions. Made with the finest California grapes using traditional French Champagne methods, this alcohol-free beverage has the perfect amount of tiny bubbles in each glass with a crisp, sweet yet tart fruitiness. Each bottle of champagne is infused with the state of the art Nanotechnology from California derived cannabis. Each serving comes in a beautiful, sleekly crafted French bottle with an elegant metallic leaf label. This sparkling beverage is delicious and delivers a quick onset and a clean, fun experience.


    Jolie Fleur Blanc

    Delivers aromas of green apples ripe pear flavors and hints of melon. It’s light but dry, and leaves you with a refreshing light cannabis finish. 375 ML, 10 mg THC

    Jolie Fleur Pink

    Sweet yet tart raspberry fruitiness. It's dry with a weightless mouthfeel and a refreshing light cannabis finish. 375 ML, 10 mg THC